Store Level Shipping

Our detailed database that we develop for each of our customers, allows us to ship your monthly signage directly to your stores.  Regardless of the variety of signs, price points, and products, we will ensure that each store gets the correct signs!

Monthly Sign Programs

We can help you develop a monthly sign program that will bring people into your stores and increase your sales.  We can also assist you in tapping into the co-op dollars that are available from some of your vendors.

Store Surveys

For those customers that are developing a new sign program or those with established programs that do not have a complete database of their store facilities, USG can perform a survey of  all of your stores to develop that information.  Representatives from USG will visit each and every store and will document the specifics of that store.  At the end of the survey, we will have all the information needed to develop our database and make sure that you are utilizing all your resources for maximum effect!

Free Designs

USG has a dedicated art staff that do both creative and production art.  Our design capabilities are available to you at no additional charge and are just part of the “package” that we offer at Universal Screen Graphics!


From time to time vendors may provide you with items such as signage or coupons for a specific promotion.  These materials can be shipped to us and we can include them with the monthly sign kits going to your stores.  This is just another example of how USG can make your sign program easy to administer.

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